Since 1988, Espa has been supporting Italian and foreign companies in designing and manufacturing items in the field of industry, and in the field of luxury awards.
We work with fiber laser, Co2 laser, UV laser, pantograph, digital printer. We constantly strive to employ renewable resources and recyclable materials with respect for the environment and people.

Our company has evolved over time through the implementation of up-to-date equipment.
For more than 20 years, laser technology has been our strength: laser reaches where milling machine and other technologies are limited, both in terms of productivity and quality. We work with fiber laser for all types of metals, and Co2 laser for all materials except metals, such as wood, rubber, plexiglass, glass, leather, and leather.
Finally, the UV laser, a third-generation technology suitable for marking delicate materials such as plastic and glass. It has the special feature of not causing burn damage, and defines precise marking, even on very small surfaces.

At Espa, all the necessary processes are carried out for the A to Z production of the artifact: in addition to design, technical processes such as pantograph cutting and engraving, sandblasting, painting, polishing, satin-finishing, enameling, and digital printing are addressed.

Quality, reliability and speed of execution are the principles of Espa Ltd., as well as a focus on sustainability: we constantly seek to employ renewable resources and recyclable materials that respect the environment and people, such as aluminum, natural wood and non-toxic plexiglass.

A modern and dynamic Italian company that, milestone after milestone, still continues on the road ofinnovation, but always in style.

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