Quality, reliability and speed of execution are the principles of Espa srl, along with a focus on sustainability:
we constantly strive to use renewable resources and recyclable materials and to adopt innovative solutions, respecting
environment and people.

Within our AWARDS COLLECTION we have alternative and original but above all environmentally friendly ideas,
offering our customers the opportunity to choose a prize made with our green future in mind.
A concrete and meaningful way of demonstrating how our company is committed to actively contributing to the well-being
the planet, offering a quality product and enhancing the beauty of the material in its natural state.

Wood is one of our favourite ecological materials to work with, due to its sustainable characteristics:
in addition to significantly reducing environmental impact, wood in its industrial processing almost completely eliminates
the use of fossil fuels and requires far fewer resources than other materials.
Its concrete and measurable advantages in terms of sustainability and recycling make it an excellent choice for the production of
innovative yet aesthetically satisfying designs and workmanship.

In addition to combining lightness and flexibility with excellent strength, aluminium is an extremely recyclable material:
in fact, it can be reused indefinitely, as it retains all its properties after each recycling.
For all intents and purposes, it is an always available resource.

Steel in the same way as aluminium is a 100% recyclable material, as it does not show any deformation or degradation
of the original mechanical properties. In fact, it appears to be just as new and reusable in its infinite applications, and it is of great
long the most recycled material in the world.

We use packaging and packaging made of cardboard or 100 per cent recyclable materials, in order to strive in our own small way to reduce production
of packaging waste, therefore not separable.


Our dedication and constant commitment to finding solutions that can reduce our environmental impact on a day-to-day basis has led us to
to invest in innovative energy alternatives, photovoltaic panels.

Choosing solar energy panels means reducing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, with no by-products
harmful and accessing a clean energy source that will not run out over time.

Living in an era in which energy efficiency and sustainability are extremely important, Espa also puts its own spin on it!
Thanks to photovoltaic panels, in one year our company achieves a CO2 reduction of 60 000 tonnes and the saving of
20 000 tonnes of coal.
Moreover, thanks to our contribution, we will save 2600 trees per year!